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Announces 8/17/17 Webinar for Operators

This week, TiVo introduced its new, fully-integrated Personalized Content Discovery platform. Consisting of personalized search and recommendations, analytics capabilities for conducting A/B testing, plus conversational voice search, the platform makes it easier for users looking for program guidance to ask “What’s on TV tonight?” and receive tailored search results.

TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery platform supports contextual voice queries, making it easier for users to narrow search results within a specific context, eliminating the need to string together long queries with unnatural phrasing. For example, a user can say, “Find me movies with Tom Hanks,” then once the search results are displayed, can follow up with, “only the comedies” to filter the results to find comedies starring Tom Hanks.

The platform’s conversational search capability spans across all available content catalogs, including linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD) or over-the-top (OTT) programming. As a result, the platform recognizes users’ subscriptions and returns only what is available to a specific user within that user’s video programming packages.

To facilitate the process of seamlessly integrating conversation services into search and recommendations platforms, TiVo will be hosting a webinar for operators on August 17, featuring experts at TiVo providing answers to the following questions:

  • What are the major components needed to implement conversational search?
  • Do personalized results improve engagement and increase content consumption?
  • What is contextual voice search?
  • Is there a ROI for implementing voice search, or is it simply a must-have for keeping up with the competition?

To learn more about the webinar and to register, click here.


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