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Cannes Lions roared back to life this year, reaffirming its status as the world’s premier AdTech event. With attendance bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, the festival brought together a global network of buyers, sellers and industry enthusiasts.

A Global Gathering of Creativity

Cannes Lions 2023 witnessed an impressive resurgence in attendance, proving that the allure of this iconic event remains undiminished. Industry professionals from around the world eagerly converged to experience the latest trends, exchange ideas and explore exciting opportunities. The festival served as a meeting ground for a diverse range of stakeholders, including marketers, advertisers, content creators, technology providers and more.

Among the many highlights – the positive reception towards TiVo OS and notably, TiVo Xtend Data emerged as a key player, offering independent, non-walled-garden solutions that go beyond viewership data to unlock new programmatic possibilities.

TiVo OS: The Next Evolution of Smart TV

Amid the buzz and excitement, TiVo OS broke through the noise. As an independent media platform, TiVo OS allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to own their brand experience and gain significantly more control and a content-first experience with simplified universal discovery and natural voice navigation. By revolutionizing how audiences engage with content, TiVo OS aims to unlock new avenues for brand engagement and advertising opportunities.

TiVo Xtend Data: Empowering AdTech and Media Agencies

Unlike walled gardens that limit access to data, TiVo is an independent data provider that enables businesses to harness the power of viewership and programmatic data. TiVo Xtend Data empowers agencies and advertisers with the insights needed to optimize campaigns, target the right audiences and deliver personalized experiences.

TiVo Xtend Data is powered by TiVo’s first-party, 100% deterministic viewership data, to help identify your ideal audience, understand their preferences and engage them across screens with relevant digital targeting.

As we look forward to the future, Cannes Lions is a reminder of the many partnerships we have developed, and the opportunities that lay ahead. With TiVo Xtend data available to help you identify and target the right audiences, at the right time, and TiVo OS gaining momentum, the possibilities are endless.


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