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TiVo recently released its latest video trends report, a deep-dive into findings from consumer opinion surveys of 5,000+ viewers in the U.S. and Canada. Read on for some top-level insights.

An Ocean of Options

With new video providers constantly entering the market with branded and niche services to supplement viewers’ traditional cable packages and satellite TV subscriptions, it should be no surprise multi-service usage has grown – 14 percent year-over-year, according to survey responses.

TiVo Video Trends Q2 2019: Number of Services
See page 3 of the report for related findings.

Watch What Happens

Live TV is still tops with respondents, but OTT and DVRed programming are close behind, according to viewers who regularly watch one hour or more.

TiVo Video Trends Q2 2019: Watching Habits
See page 7 of the report for related findings.

Choice Bundles

When asked to identify their ideal video service “bundle,” 40 percent of respondents indicated a preference for the combination of pay TV, YouTube and Facebook.

TiVo Video Trends Q2 2019: Top Service Bundles
See page 4 of the report for related findings.

In Search of … Search

Finally, almost a quarter (23 percent) of survey respondents said they want a new programming guide format, and more than half (50.7 percent) expressed a desire for search functionality across viewing platforms.

TiVo Video Trends Q2 2019: Search Functionality
See page 15 of the report for related findings.

Read the Full Report

Video Trends Report: Q2 2019 also explores preferences in pay TV, à la carte bundling, SVOD and free OTT video services, including:

  • How viewers use video services to find and interact with TV programming and movies
  • Preferred entertainment genres
  • Adoption and consumption of AVOD vs. SVOD, MVPD and social media viewing platforms
  • The latest stats on cord-cutting
  • Top streaming devices
  • Voice search usage
  • Consumer feedback on recommendations and personalization

Download the report now.

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