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TiVo Research announced the results of the TiVo Spring 2014 Binge-Viewing Survey today and the findings show that binging is the preferred method of consuming our favorite shows! In fact, 91 percent of the 15,196 survey respondents report binge-viewing as common viewing behavior, while 40 percent of respondents had binged within a week and 69 percent had binged within a month of the survey.

Respondents also said the top reasons they binged was to “catch up” on TV and because they “only had learned about the show after many episodes had already aired.” Twenty-nine percent of respondents deliberately put off watching an entire season of a show until they could watch the whole season at once! This is a trend TiVo Research expects to grow.

Beyond binge-viewing three or more episodes of a series in a day, the TiVo Research survey also investigated another binging habit: Watching an entire season (or more) of a specific program over multiple days. Three-quarters of survey respondents reported participating in this type of “super-binge” activity, with 14 percent having done so in the prior week and 23 percent having done so between a week and a month prior to taking the survey.

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Binge-Fodder of Choice
When asked to choose which of the following popular programs they had ever binged-viewed, 35 percent of respondents selected “Breaking Bad,” which TiVo Research also reported as the most-binged show in January, and 29 percent mentioned House of Cards.

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Other fun findings include:

  • Over half (52 percent) cited TiVo as the most common source of the episodes of programs binged; Netflix placed second at 29 percent
  • 46 percent cited Netflix as the most common source for binge-viewing an entire season (or more) with TiVo coming in second at 19 percent
  • Another 46 percent stated TiVo is the most common device they utilize to binge view an entire season (or more)

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