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TiVo is officially on the shortlist for 3 major awards in this year’s VideoTech Innovation Awards. The VideoTech Innovation Awards is the ultimate celebration for companies and individuals that are revolutionizing today’s global video industry.

Award – Advanced TV Innovation of the Year

In an entertainment landscape where audiences are spread across various platforms and devices, video service providers need the ability to observe and understand viewers’ cross-platform interactions. They also need to gain and maintain viewers’ trust to help ensure targeted content and marketing campaigns are successful.
TiVo’s Insight, a dashboard within our personalized content discovery offering, delivers analytics and reporting that can improve entertainment discovery, deliver targeted content promotions, and monitor and enhance viewer engagement. During 2019-20 new functionality has been rolled out to combat churn, perform A/B tests and analyse voice usage, forming the basis of this submission.

Awards – TV App of the Year & The UX Award

TiVo Stream 4K
Publicly unveiled at CES 2020 – to critical acclaim and garnering 6 ‘best-of’ awards – the new TiVo Stream 4K™ was successfully launched in North America on 6 May 2020. Since launch this new streaming focused 4K capable device has become TiVo’s fastest ever selling hardware product. In short it brings together the best streaming content with TiVo’s award-winning user-experience to provide a service where you stop flipping apps and start watching content bringing TiVo’s brand promise of ‘Find, watch and enjoy’ to a whole new generation.

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