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If there’s one thing we’re always striving for at TiVo, it’s making your viewing experience easier, more enjoyable and all about you. With the growing popularity of smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, we see the potential for TiVo to play an important role in our customers’ smart home ecosystem – one that enhances their entertainment experience through advanced, far-field voice control and integrates with a wide range of connected devices and services via IFTTT Applets.

Embracing the Smart Home Ecosystem

There’s no doubt we are in the midst of a smart-home revolution. TiVo’s innovations are helping bring about this radical new approach to your technology and how you interact with it. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in connected consumer devices – home security systems, thermostats, light switches, even doorbells – and their ability to interact with your personal devices and voice-powered home assistants. Incorporating the technology of IFTTT – custom-programmed Applets that drive real-time connectivity between your TV and smart devices – we foresee a universe of possibility that can make your viewing experience even better and more personalized.

Our customers have fallen in love with our innovative entertainment features – OnePass™, SkipMode™, SmartBar™ and more. Our upcoming smart-home enhancements make these features even more useful than ever by plugging them into your connected devices and services. Receive a text message if your kids try to unlock parental controls. Automatically pause TV when someone rings your smart doorbell. Turn the TV on to ESPN when you get home from work. Use one of the pre-programmed Applets, and IFTTT can recognize a commercial break and automatically skip right past it, no button press or voice command necessary. These are only a few examples of what’s possible, as TiVo users will be able to choose from a catalog of pre-configured IFTTT Applets, or create their own and program the viewing experience just how they want it.

TiVo is Bringing the Future Home

By focusing our philosophy of innovation on the future of smart home, we’re creating a more pleasant, easy-to-use viewing experience that offers the convenience of interconnectivity with all your smart devices. Integrating TiVo into this ecosystem is about to make the ultimate entertainment experience even more … ultimate.


Stay tuned, as more exciting TiVo smart home integration info is coming soon!

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