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Looking for an alternative to cable TV? Say hello to TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna.

At TiVo, we understand that many consumers ­— no matter how or what they’re watching — still want access to live TV; that’s why we’re introducing TiVo BOLT OTA for antenna. It offers a budget-friendly way to watch live, recorded and streaming TV with one device, without losing those premium experiences you’ve come to enjoy from pay-TV, including voice search, recommendations engines and guide data.

TiVo BOLT OTA DVR combines TiVo’s most powerful TV tuner/DVR combo with the most popular online streaming services. Boasting four tuners, TiVo BOLT OTA connects to almost any TV and enables you to watch free, live, local and national broadcast news, sports and entertainment in high definition (HD) using an HD antenna, but without the cost of renting equipment from a pay-TV provider.

Better yet, with no cable subscription required, you can save more than $800 over three years while still enjoying the best TV experience of your life.

A great way to get free TV

TiVo BOLT OTA is the perfect solution for a broad range of passionate TV viewers, including those considering cutting their cable TV subscriptions or those who might’ve already cut the cord but are unhappy with their limited HD antenna tuner.

If you’re a cord-cutter “intender,” you’re thinking seriously about finding an alternative to cable TV because of the costs. If you’re a “regretter,” you might be missing access to live weather, sports and entertainment.

The beauty of TiVo BOLT OTA is that it gives both intenders and regretters the premier TV experience they crave, without the cost. With TiVo BOLT OTA, you don’t have to pay for a lot or channels you don’t watch. You can watch what you want, when you want, with resolution even higher than what a cable HD signal offers.

TiVo BOLT OTA is more stylish and fun than your old cable box. It’s also loaded with fan-favorite, time-saving features like SkipMode®, which can let you zip past commercials and watch shows uninterrupted. Or OneSearch™, so you can find shows across live, recorded and popular streaming TV, faster.

TiVo BOLT OTA also allows you to access top streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu without switching inputs or juggling remotes. And, you can use voice commands to quickly find what you’re looking for with TiVo VOX Remote®. TiVo will search across live TV, recordings and popular streaming services to deliver personalized results.

TiVo BOLT OTA also lets you record and watch over-the-air HD TV on your schedule — and store up to 150 hours of HD programming, so you’ll never miss a moment of your favorite programs.

The antenna-ready TiVo BOLT OTA is ready for you. Get yours beginning September 28.

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