As the VP of Product Marketing here at TiVo, I’m pleased to introduce the arrival of our newest technology, TiVo BOLT.

TiVo BOLT was born of our belief that everyone deserves a better entertainment experience, one that keeps up with innovation and approaches features and experiences from the user’s perspective. TiVo BOLT is the Ultimate Entertainment System – unique in the way it finds, organizes and presents your entertainment, in a user-friendly way, allowing you to watch whatever you want, from almost any source, through any device.

So how does the new TiVo BOLT differ from our existing devices, like TiVo Roamio? First, we made a bunch of improvements to the hardware platform.

Smaller and Sleeker – We made TiVo BOLT to be unique, from its shape to its capabilities. It’s smaller than any other TiVo before it. We “bent” it in order to eliminate the need for vents or other lines on the top or sides, and to cooling from the bottom.

Faster – We made TiVo BOLT even faster than TiVo Roamio, which is pretty fast itself. This allows us flexibility in how we build the user interface over time and enables us to make applications an even more integral part of the experience by shortening, or nearly eliminating the time it takes to get to them. For instance, we support Netflix’s ability to suspend and resume their application, which means that you can re-launch Netflix in less than a second. It’s fantastic!

4K Ultra HD Support – As more customers buy 4K UHD TVs, we wanted to give them the ability to play back 4K UHD content, but still have it combined into one streamlined, simplified experience. BOLT supports 4K UHD applications from Netflix and YouTube, with more to come over time. We also continue to combine this with all of the content from your cable provider or from over-the-air signals. All of your content in one place, including 4K UHD.

On the software side, we’ve included a bunch of exciting new features that enhance your entertainment experience:

QuickMode lets you watch your recorded shows 30% faster, and pitch-corrected audio lets you speed through slow-moving shows like news, sports events or awards shows without compromising the viewing experience.

SkipMode gives you another tool to fast-forward through commercial breaks. With just one press of a button, SkipMode gets you back to your program instantly, seamlessly skipping commercial breaks in your recorded show.

OneSearch eliminates the need to search across multiple streaming platforms. Instead, with just one touch of a button, you’re able to search across TV, on-demand, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and more, in just seconds. We launched this feature originally back in 2008 and it has gotten better ever since. Our latest improvement makes sporting events even easier to find.

Once you’ve used OneSearch to find a show you want to watch, TiVo’s OnePass technology instantly collects and organizes every available episode of a show into a single, customizable list, whether those episodes are coming from a streaming service, VoD (for Xfinity and Cox customers), or your cable provider, preparing you for the ultimate binge-watch.

And many more features only available on the new TiVo BOLT.
At TiVo, we believe in your right to your entertainment when you want it, where you want it. We hope you enjoy experiencing TiVo BOLT as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.