Watch: IHS Markit and TiVo on All Things Android TV

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Android TV is top of mind for pay-TV operators looking to stay competitive in this rapidly changing media landscape. It is highly attractive to operators for a number of reasons. In addition to being able to address a wide range of devices that consumers can access content on, the OTT ecosystem available through Google Play brings together thousands of apps that operators can instantly tie into.

Paul Erickson, Senior Analyst at IHS Markit, recently sat down with TiVo’s VP of Product, Chris Thun, to discuss points of consideration for pay-TV operators evaluating  Android TV, including:

  • Why attitudes toward Android TV have changed over the last few years
  • What it takes for pay-TV operators to fully embrace Android TV
  • How Android TV aligns with operators’ platform approach to combining pay-TV and OTT
  • Ways to improve the user experience
  • Other key considerations regarding Android TV and the pay-TV user interface

Watch the video.

There are opportunities and challenges for pay-TV operators looking to incorporate Android TV into their portfolio strategy. TiVo is a trusted partner helping operators navigate this new world.

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