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Consumers are subscribing to paid media services in addition to trying out free ones. By seeking out cost-effective options, their preferences have a significant impact on the direction of finding the entertainment they love. With more choices than ever before, are you feeling overwhelmed? TiVo’s best-in-class discovery technology helps you find the shows & movies you love even with the enormous (and sometimes bewildering) choices facing you whenever you pick up your remote. The TiVo Content Connection – Our Personalized Content Discovery (PCD) utilizes metadata and conversational voice search to make the discovery experience easier and faster.  Find your favorite content (including local TV shows) across all streaming services using a variety of options and filtering ranges.  You can also create watch lists across multiple platforms. It all makes TiVo a handy tool to have since “discovery” is a bigger issue than even the cost of your video services! You’re…


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