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Just in time for Father’s Day, we asked you, the TiVo community, for the titles of movies that you’d classify as classic “Dad movies.” These are movies that get Dad all fired up, but make everyone else roll their eyes and suddenly find a hamster cage to clean or a load of laundry to fold. After sorting through your mountain of “Dad movie” suggestions (and adding a few of our favorites), we’re proud to unveil TiVo’s Top 50 Movies Dads Love. Be sure and tell us which movie on the list makes your eyes glaze over most, gives you a dreadful sense of impending boredom, or is most likely to make you mutter, “over my dead body.” Caddyshack Slapshot The Big Lebowksi Field of Dreams Blazing Saddles The Dark Knight The Godfather Patton Gladiator Braveheart Shawshank Redemption The James Bond Series Pulp Fiction Die Hard Rambo The Blues Brothers Scarface…


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