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The wait is almost over – THE RINGS OF POWER, the much-anticipated prequel series to THE LORD OF THE RINGS premieres September 2nd on Amazon Prime.  The previous films have grossed almost $3 billion dollars, so there’s a ton of interest around the world. Reportedly even Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a major fan.  Let’s look at why… The films are based on a series of books written by J.R. R. Tolken, a British writer who penned the first novel, The Hobbit in 1937.  It was so popular, his publisher begged for a sequel and 17 years later he produced The Lord of the Rings, often divided into three parts due to its length of over 1,100 pages.  People loved the complexity of the stories and intriguing characters as well as the epic struggle between good and evil; all made accessible by Tolken’s evocative prose.  Over 150 million copies of Tolken’s…


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