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Making soup isn’t usually a newsworthy event. But a few months ago, the TiVo team made some stew—and managed to break a world record. Confused? Let us give you some context. Back in April 2021, Americans had been in lockdown for more than a year. Most people were still stuck at home—and they were running out of things to watch. We knew that viewers could discover tons of new content using the TiVo Stream 4K, and we wanted to spread the word. Enter our first-ever TiVo Cook & Watch Party, an easy way for TiVo to connect people to new content and each other. It was an online event that would prove to be the largest online cooking party in history. Pairing Binge-Worthy Shows With Binge-Worthy Meals The TiVo Cook & Watch Party aired on April 5, 2021 and featured celebrity chef Joel Gamoran courtesy of his team at Homemade.…


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