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TiVo for Business


FanAI and TiVo signed an agreement for FanAI to license TiVo’s TV viewership data enabling FanAI to provide live sports programming advertisers with spend attribution and brand impact measurement TV data.  Through this relationship, FanAI brand customers will get a granular look at how U.S. households consume sports programming, and develop a deeper understanding of how sponsorships improve consumer perceptions and influence sales. Sports dominates TV programming, with the NFL grabbing 28 out of the top 100 telecasts of 2020. More than 102 million viewers watched the number one telecast of 2020, the Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl LIVE. However, according to FanAI, marketing attribution in the sports sponsorship space has historically been a blind spot for advertisers. Without a way to measure the effectiveness of sports sponsorships, brands had no way of knowing if they were making positive returns on investments when sponsoring sports teams. While top of funnel…


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