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“Churn” describes what happens when a pay-TV subscriber stops engaging with the provider’s user experience or the content within it; it’s also known as canceling or deactivating a subscription. TiVo recently analyzed data pulled from its Personalized Content Discovery (PCD) platform to uncover findings about service provider customers’ churn rates. Here are some key takeaways: Churn directly correlates to long-term audience retention Implementing technology solutions for personalizing search and recommendations functionality helped some video service providers see a 140 percent increase in audience retention over six months Subscribers were less likely to churn over time when offered highly personalized VOD titles Providers using personalization technology like the PCD platform churned up to three times less than those manually merchandizing their content Reducing churn directly impacts content merchandizing spends Subscribers spending above-average amounts of time watching programming on weekdays are more likely to churn than those watching on weekends The TiVo…


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