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Next-Gen Platform, UX and IPTV


Earlier this year, I had the privilege of speaking at the Android TV Workshop, which was held at the Connected TV World Summit in London. Here are my five top takeaways from the event: 1. Universal content discovery is key. TiVo has done multiple studies whose results underscore the importance of universal search and  discovery – allowing viewers to search seamlessly over live, streamed and recorded content. A personalized content discovery platform that works across these sources will provide a powerful solution for consumers. 2. Google addressed three popular misconceptions about Android TV in the operator space:     – Control. While apps from the Google Play store are available, the side-loading of apps can be  blocked, giving operators control over what’s on their devices.     – Data. Operators own the data in their apps and Google isn’t collecting, viewing or accessing any of that data.     – Flexibility. Operators can continue…


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