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Following three days in Berlin at a leading industry conference (Nextv Series Europe & CEE), TiVo’s Business Development Director, Lisette Preston-Barnes and Senior Director of Customer Solutions, Pat Byrden answered some questions for us about the future of TV and the media industry. Q: One popular topic of discussion was whether TV would exist in five years. What are your thoughts? Lisette: I really do believe so. TV is the predominant entertainment source in the house, as it’s the larger screen (and getting larger) that delivers a high-quality entertainment experience. The majority of video viewing is done on the large screen in the home. This isn’t about one replacing the other, but having multiple ways for people to access content. TV is just evolving. Pat: Of course! Mobile devices and TVs have very different roles within a viewer’s life. Mobile devices are for on-the-go, solo watching, browsing and so on,…


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