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TV advertising and digital advertising: they’ve seemingly been at odds since digital started encroaching on the turf dominated by television for so long. Yes, each side has unique challenges, and yes, many in TV would probably say digital-creep is one of them. But, as devices continue to fragment the ecosystem, increasing the value of TV show-length video content, there’s value in uniting the best of both worlds for mutual benefit. Digital advertising innovations – real-time bidding, programmatic ad exchanges and retargeting, plus social media – gave marketers new ways of connecting with the right customers at optimal times. But, the vehicles for successfully and efficiently hyper-targeting audiences were not without issues and pain points – namely possible fraud, platform connectivity and attribution standardization. As digital advertising was evolving and proliferating, TV advertising largely remained a reliable walled garden powered by legacy methodologies (i.e., faxing spreadsheets, using ratings as measurement and…


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