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Chris Ambrozic, VP of Product Development at TiVo, joined a panel moderated by nScreenMedia’s Founder and Chief Analyst, Colin Dixon, at Digital Entertainment World 2021. Read on for highlights of the conversation. The Impact of Today’s Video Mix “The share of wallet is critical.” Chris discusses the impacts of distribution platforms, devices, formats and monetization mechanisms on business; he explores how TiVo helps partners connect with audiences and viewers choose the best bundled content. The Role of Brand “There are times that people have high intent and there are times they want [to get recommendations].” When it comes to OTT content, is the draw content or is it the brand? Chris discusses how “TiVo Score” helps consumers understand the true value their assorted apps. The Challenges of Voice “We’re looking at a phase two of the second rollout of voice.” Chris explains the “tug-of-war of eyeballs” between OS and apps,…


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