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TiVo for Business


It is a business truism that advertising and marketing budgets are often the first line items to face scrutiny when board rooms and senior executives face economic uncertainty. In the process, leaders tasked with bringing their offerings to market must urgently address a single question: How can we do more with less? The question is once again front and center as concerns about inflation and recession cloud the outlook for 2023 and beyond. The answer to this question, however, is likely to be far different today from the path pursued in past downturns, according to Walt Horstman, senior vice president of monetization with TiVo, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Xperi Inc. “We have moved into a period of economic uncertainty forcing brands and marketers to reevaluate their media spend. It represents a dramatic shift in the business landscape since the industry has not seen a major cyclical economic downturn…


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