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By Chris Ambrozic, VP, Product, TiVo Discovery Solutions For years, MVPDs and pay-TV providers have made recommendations based on a viewer’s personalization profile – the movies watched, recorded, rented or purchased – from set-top box data, because that’s where all TV-watching occurred. We call recommendations based on this type of data “viewership-based personalization,” but there’s now a problem with this approach: typical TV viewers no longer watch everything from one place. On average, consumers now use seven different sources of content (Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc.), and these apps aren’t sharing their valuable, proprietary viewership data with the MVPDs. As a result, viewership-based personalization is no longer a viable option for service providers. It’s time for a new model. Why a new personalization model? Three key trends are driving the need for a new personalization model: There’s no longer one central place where all viewing occurs Streaming content providers aren’t…


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