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TiVo’s Q1 2020 Video Trends Report is here. The company’s biannual exploration of consumer opinion surveys from 4,000+ viewers in the U.S. and Canada covers the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Read on for key findings. Lockdown It may be premature to tell how many video trends were affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines; however, viewers undoubtedly watched more video services – from live TV to subscription streaming. Streaming app viewership has risen higher than ever. See page 3 of the report for related findings. Ad Acceptance When it comes to free ad-supported streaming services (AVOD), there was a 10.8 percent YoY increase among survey respondents indicating they were “very satisfied” with their subscriptions. See page 10 of the report for related findings. Rising Awareness of Personalized Recommendations We noted an 8.8 percent increase in “awareness of internet and streaming providers making personalized recommendations.” See page 21 of…


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