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TiVo and Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company, have joined forces to deliver voice search for Sky’s next-generation box, Sky Q. TiVo’s technology offers voice-based search through language recognition and naturally spoken responses to connect Sky Q customers to movies, shows and sporting events. “You talking to me?” With voice search, viewers can find their desired program by pressing and holding the voice button on the side of the Sky Q touch remote and simply saying what they’re looking for. Movie buffs and TV fans can take things one step farther and use their voices to search by genre (e.g., “comedy movies”), a specific actor, director and/or rating (e.g., “Tom Hanks movies rated five stars”), and even a selection of well-known movie quotes or catchphrases (e.g., “Show me the money!”). TiVo’s solution enables natural-language voice searches for finding digital entertainment across linear TV and video on demand (VOD). It is powered by…

This month, TiVo® made some major updates to the "What to Watch" on both its iOS and Android apps. For Android™ users, searching content is much easier. The “What to Watch” feature has a new interface and is powered by Digitalsmiths’ Seamless Discovery®, a cloud-based video content discovery tool. This new interface includes expanded feeds (strips)


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