Use TiVo DraftSkip to Jump to the Best Parts of the 2019 NBA Draft

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The TiVo innovation team is at it again. Thanks to feedback from our super users on our Facebook Innovation Page, we are bringing back DraftSkip for the NBA Draft.

When you record the 2019 NBA Draft on your TiVo, The SKIP button will skip more than just the commercials – you can also use it to skip directly to the next draft pick. So make sure to record this one on your TiVo! 

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2019 NBA Draft

Live event. Thursday, June 20. ESPN. New.

Live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The National Basketball Association (NBA) teams will take turns selecting US college basketball players, along with international athletes and other eligible players. To get excited for this life-changing event for young basketball players, watch Jalen Rose in the video above as he reflects on being picked in the 1994 NBA draft.


To see what else is happening on TV in June, click here.




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