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We live in a time where words like “innovation” and “disruption” drive economies; where creative spaces and maker fairs influence business models and learning environments; where inventions aren’t just for mad scientists and PhDs anymore. But at TiVo, we’ve always believed all our employees have a part to play in evolving digital entertainment technology, because they do.

Beginning in our earliest days pioneering interactive program guides and digital video recording devices, forward-thinking employees from every level of our organization have had a say in how we develop and advance our inventions. And today, as we incubate and launch next-gen enhancements to our products and services, it’s our teammates – and not necessarily the leadership or the technologically inclined – leading the charge.

So, as you search for, discover, experience, interact with and enjoy digital entertainment across devices using TiVo’s latest advancements, know that the ideas behind them were conceived by employees throughout the company – whether in engineering, marketing, creative, building services, analytics or admin. We encourage and celebrate the inventor spirit and continue to honor our team’s scrappy, trailblazing ethos.

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