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Pro runners can run a mile in less than four minutes, pro swimmers can swim 50 meters in less than 22 seconds, and pro cyclists can average 25 miles per hour — even uphill. Speed is arguably the biggest part of most athletic events, and every four years we sit in front of our televisions waiting for the next record to be shattered. But with 306 events in 28 sports being played this summer, how can you be sure you don’t miss any of the historic firsts that are bound to happen? Easy. Just use TiVo’s winning combination of QuickMode™, SkipMode™, and OnePass™.

Triathletes know that if you go just a little bit faster on each part of the race, your overall time can improve greatly. The same principle applies when you’re watching a triathlon: if you could just watch it a little faster, you could see more of the race in less time. If you have TiVo BOLT®, you can watch recordings 30% faster using QuickMode. It lets you spend more time watching athletes score victories (and still have plenty of time left over to score your own).

To get past a goalie, soccer players have to be fast. The pros can send a ball flying at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour—and that’s on top of having an incredible level of endurance. Soccer players can travel as many as 9.5 miles up and down the field, and serious fans watch them every step along the way, just waiting for that magical goal moment. There’s nothing worse than a commercial interruption when you’re dying to see who’s going to score the next goal. That’s why SkipMode is so perfect for watching your recordings of the world’s most renowned competition. It allows TiVo BOLT users, with the touch of a button, to instantly skip over entire commercial breaks in many recorded shows; this SkipMode functionality is available this summer for many of the events being televised on USA Network, NBC, and Bravo.1

Remember these 10 moments? It’d be a shame to miss the next big upset because you thought you didn’t need to see it. Only a handful of records are likely to be broken this summer, and there’s no telling which events will see new record-setting performances. With a OnePass™, you can record everything associated with this summer’s athletic events with the touch of a button, so you can catch every breakthrough and be the champion of the water cooler chatter.

If you want to catch the best Rio has to offer, use speed to your advantage. With TiVo’s QuickMode, SkipMode, and OnePass features, you’ll be getting way out ahead of the competition and living the victory-lap lifestyle from the comfort of your living room.



1 SkipMode feature is not available for all recorded shows.

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