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After four years, the sporting event we’ve all been waiting for is almost upon us. August will bring the thrill of watching the world’s finest athletes accomplish the most tremendous of physical feats… while we happily sit on our couches. However, with so many events to keep up with, it can be a Herculean feat to stay caught up on your favorite sports. Thankfully, you’ve got TiVo® in your corner to see you through to every must-see photo finish. Read on for a few ways that TiVo optimizes your summer sports viewing experience.

Watching the summer World Events every four years has come a long way since bleacher seating in ancient Greek coliseums. With live streaming and the buzz of virtual reality, figuring out where and how to watch can be as stressful as having a 300-mph badminton shuttlecock coming toward your face. Don’t sweat it. To start, we’ve broken things down into separate collections for each event. From TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies & Videos”, and then “Browse TV & Movies”, to find a recordable collection of your favorite events.

Forgot to record an event at home? No problem! Use your iOS/Android app or the TiVo Online page to set up recordings remotely. And for the diehard fans, feel free to set up a OnePass™ selection to all channels covering the world events, and let your TiVo box do the rest!

Some events, such as the 100-meter dash, are over within ten seconds. Others, not so much. For example, take the 1904 marathon event in St. Louis. Between a runner stopping to snack on bad apples, another runner fleeing from wild dogs, and the eventual winner consuming a heavy dose of strychnine, this race provided hours and hours of entertainment. Alas, the modern-day marathon fan may not have hours and hours to spare. For all your recorded events that last more than 10 seconds, our QuickMode™ technology can help you speed through recordings of your favorite events, so you can get to the highlights faster! You’ll save over an hour in what would have been a four-hour marathon by watching your recordings 30 percent faster with our QuickMode functionality. Our SkipMode™ feature will also be available for recordings of the extended coverage of many of your favorite events from 8/1 to 8/21 on the USA Network, Bravo and NBC! In 1904, runner Fred Lorz of St. Louis had the right idea when it came to saving time; he hitched a ride for ten miles of the marathon, resulting in a temporary, gold-medal finish.

Of the 28 sports this year, main attractions such as track and field, swimming and gymnastics are a given. Aside from the main stage, there are hundreds of lesser-known events. From retired sports such as tug-of-war and live pigeon shooting, to new additions such as golf and rugby sevens, it can be a challenge at times to choose which events you want to follow.

TiVo has you covered for the 306 less-lethal-yet-still-exciting events this year. Our OnePass technology takes the hassle out of figuring out which sport is on which channel. If you can’t decide between watching handball or watching football, don’t worry. Our multiple tuners make it so you don’t have to choose between your two favorite sports. On top of all that, our massive hard drives have you covered for the hours during which you must pry yourself away from the TV in order to do less-exciting things…such as sleep. Let TiVo do all the power-lifting, and enjoy a TV-viewing experience worthy of a gold medal!

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