Father’s Day: “Our Favorite TV Dads” & “Memorable Movie Dads”

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This Sunday is the day that honors the men, the myths and the legends that fathered us into existence. Although your paternal figure is undoubtedly the most worthy of the “World’s #1 Best Dad” mug, the vast universe of television shows and movies boasts quite a few valid runner-ups. From the clownfish who just kept swimming across the Pacific to find his son, to the Liam Neeson’s who will stop at nothing to take their daughters back from the clutches of evil.

Such acts of heroism can definitely tucker out even the best of dads. If this Sunday is more of a stay-in Father’s Day, we’ve got two new Father’s Day collections for your enjoyment: “Our Favorite TV Dads” and “Memorable Movie Dads.”

You can access these collections through TiVo Central à Find TV, Movies, & Videos à Browse TV & Movies à New & Notable.

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