April Fools! TiVo Research Shows You Actually Aren’t What You Watch

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Think you’re more likely to be healthy if you watch Biggest Loser? Or that you’re more likely to have gone to college if you watch the geniuses on Big Bang Theory? Apparently opposites attract when it comes to TV viewing!

TiVo® Research just released new findings that say most people who watch certain shows display contradictory buying behavior. The TiVo Research study looked at the characteristics of program and network viewers based on household attributes and purchasing preferences.

Here are some of the most interesting findings:

  1. Fans of The Biggest Loser over-index with heavy purchasers of ice cream, cookies, crackers, carbonated beverages, and desserts.
  2. The Big Bang Theory enthusiasts over-index with those who attended college but did not graduate. What would Sheldon say?
  3. Loyal viewers of the Food Network and Cooking Channel index particularly high with heavy frozen pizza purchasers.
  4. Viewers of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show index high with heavy cat food purchasers.
  5. Viewers of the Fox hit Empire, and supposed music lovers, under-index when it comes to subscribing to Pandora and SiriusXM satellite radio.
  6. In a soap opera stereotype reversal, neither General Hospital nor The Bold and the Beautiful viewers deliver above-index scores for heavy purchasers of ice cream, cookies and crackers. Thank goodness for Days of Our Lives keeping the typecast alive.
  7. But all is not lost. At least one maxim proved to be true. All three NCIS series reported high indices for head of household occupation: military. Even NCIS: Los Angeles!

TiVo Research analyzed television viewing across its broad arsenal of resources, including purchase, survey and panel data. The web-based Media TRAnalytics® platform matched the viewing data to the various characteristics, allowing for targeted analysis beyond traditional age and sex demographics.


The TiVo Research and Analytics’ study included: viewing data matched to Experian household characteristics; consumer packaged goods direct household-level match of both television viewing data (via set-top boxes) and supermarket sales and expenditures (via shopper loyalty card data); as well as survey data from our Power||Watch panel matched to viewing. Heavy product purchasers – those households that represent the top quartile of sales volume (in $) for each category – were used in this analysis. Additional details about this survey and other TiVo research activities are available from TiVo Research at info@tivoresearch.com.


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