TiVo Research Presents its 2015 Year in Review

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Top Moments include the Super Bowl® fight, a “50 Shades of Grey” joke from the 87th Academy Awards®, and two entries from “The Big Bang Theory”

TiVo® Research today announced its 2015 year in review results, offering a comprehensive look at what resonated with TiVo viewers based on syndicated ratings data. These results include television’s top five moments and the most successful creative advertising campaigns. According to TiVo, two of the top TV five moments of 2015 occurred during The Big Bang Theory episodes, while moments from the Super Bowl, the 87th Academy Awards, and the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary celebration comprised the other three.

TiVo Research analyzed TV viewership, from January through November 2015, for a variety of different program types and metric categories. The results are based on an aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of 350,000 anonymous households with the Emmy® Award-winning TiVo service.

2015 Year in Review

Top 5 Moments

Top 5 TiVo Moments for the 5 Highest-Rated Programs of 2015
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode NameAirdateTop Rated Moment
1FoxSuper Bowl XLIX2/1/2015Following a Patriots’ interception, and seconds away from the end of Super Bowl LXIX, a fight breaks out between the Patriots and Seahawks.
2ABCThe 87th Academy Awards2/22/2015Neil Patrick Harris introduces Dakota Johnson as “The star of 50 Shades of Grey and the reason you had to explain to your grandmother what a spanking bench is.”
3NBCSaturday Night Live40th Anniversary Special2/15/2015Following a parade of past hosts, an opening clips montage was shown.
4CBSThe Big Bang TheoryThe Matrimonial Momentum9/21/2015In the fall season premiere, Sheldon and Amy break up just before Leonard and Penny say “I do” during their wedding.
5CBSThe Big Bang TheoryThe Space Probe Disintegration1/8/2015At the end of the episode, as Leonard and Penny settle in for the night in Penny’s bedroom, it is revealed that Sheldon is sleeping on Penny’s sofa in the living room.

Top 5 Most Time-Shifted Broadcast and Cable Programs

RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count% Time-shifted
1CWThe Flash2187%
3CWThe Vampire Diaries1985%
4FoxNew Girl1184%
5FoxThe Following1584%
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count% Time-shifted
1BBCAOrphan Black1092%
2SHOWNurse Jackie1291%
3AMCBetter Call Saul1289%
4SYFY12 Monkeys1289%
* Based on 10+ episodes


Advertising creative, movie campaign spots, and network promos were evaluated with respect to how well their ads resonated with TiVo service subscribers, as measured by the subscribers’ propensity to watch, rewind or fast-forward through the brands’ spots during time-shifted viewing.

Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Advertising Creative Based on Fast-forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Creative Spots*
RankBrandCreative NameSpot Count
1Mercedes Benz GLE-ClassWhere Brains Meet Brawn24
2Royal CaribbeanDon’t Be A Tourist13
3PetSmart CenterCoupons For Your Best Friend10
4Android CorporateBe Together Not the Same30
5PepsiT. Kelly: Check Your Pulse10
Top Primetime Cable Creative Spots*
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count
1Pop-TartsCrazy Good11
2Warner Bros.Mad Max Video Game34
3Buick EnclaveStill on Their Test Drives24
4Gerber Lil BitsChew U Class of 201511
5Zicam UltraCold Season Tip: Stock Up17
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 10+ spots per creative (does not include motion picture spots)

Top 5 Debut-Week Motion Picture Campaigns Based on Fast-forward Rate

Top Debut-Week Movie Campaigns*
RankStudioMovie TitleSpot Count
1A24Ex Machina125
2Samuel Goldwyn90 Minutes In Heaven227
3Open Road FilmsLittle Boy122
4ParamountTerminator Genisys174
5IFCD Train198
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 80+ spots in the debut week



Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Promotional Campaigns Based on Fast-forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Promos*
RankNetworkPromoSpot Count
1NBCSaturday Night Live257
4NBCChicago PD122
5NBCAmerican Odyssey145
Top Primetime Cable Promos*
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count
1Comedy CentralAnother Period131
2Comedy CentralBroad City117
3Comedy CentralDrunk History102
4FXAmerican Horror Story Hotel161
5FXThe Americans330
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 100+ spots per network promo


TiVo’s viewing analysis is based on data from January through November 2015, as collected from an anonymous daily sample of 350,000 active TiVo DVRs. Additional details about this report and other TiVo research activities are available from TiVo Research at info@tivoresearch.com.

© 2015 TiVo Inc. All rights reserved. TiVo is a registered trademark of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide. Super Bowl is a registered trademark of the National Football League. Academy Awards is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Emmy is a registered trademark of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. All other company, product and brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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