You won’t believe what prank TiVo pulled on these movie goers!

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Commercial interruptions are annoying as hell, Super Bowl spots withstanding. If they weren’t, why would so many people fast-forward through them, or skip over them with SkipMode on the TiVo BOLT?
With this in mind, we did something seemingly cruel to a group of 007 fans in Boulder, CO. We invited them to a free screening of the newest James Bond movie, Spectre, then right before the big finale… we interrupted the film with two minutes of commercials.

Surprised audience in movie theatre

Some people groaned, somebody threw a bottle, most people said “WTF is happening?”

Awful, right?? Some people groaned, somebody threw a bottle, most people said “WTF is happening?” but they were all smiles when the emcee came out and announced they had just been pranked. You wouldn’t put up with commercial interruptions at the movies, so why should you at home on the couch?

happy person holding beer and free TiVo bolt pass

Lots of happy people at our after-party!

The punked moviegoers got to finish the movie and emerged from the theater to find a VIP after-party waiting for them, complete with cocktails, film crews, photographers, BOLT demo stations and, of course, brand-new TiVo BOLTs for everyone in the audience!

Clearly, people are hungry for any technology that helps them avoid annoying commercials in their entertainment, and we’re happy to help.

Some of our favorite moments from the night:

vlogger Andru Edwards next to tivo surprise background

Vlogger Andru Edwards from Gear Live joined us for the surprise event!

two guys being goofy at tivo booth

Our GIF booth was a hit!

Now it’s your turn: Tweet us @TiVo with the hashtag #TiVoPrank and show us what your face would look like if your big moment was interrupted with a commercial!

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