TiVo Roamio Holiday Sale: The Couch Coma Cure


It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you’re about to find yourself in a very familiar holiday predicament: You’ve fallen on your couch and you can’t get up. You did unspeakable amounts of damage to that Thanksgiving turkey. And the turkey struck back with a barrage of tryptophan. Needless to say, you’re down for the count.

While you are incapacitated on your couch, you and your streaming TV will become very good friends over the next few days. You may feel tempted to leave the comfort of your couch to enter the jaws of Black Friday store-hopping torture, but resist the urge!

Instead, TiVo® will bring Black Friday to you with our TiVo Roamio® Holiday Sale! During the short period of this Sale, you and your family can enjoy a whole free year of service on your Roamio unit1. Check out the sweet deals below and enjoy your post-Thanksgiving food coma recovery!

Save $149.992 on a TiVo Roamio or TiVo Roamio Plus!

Save $224.982 on a TiVo-renewed Roamio Pro!

  • TiVo-renewed Roamio Pro w/ 1 year of service $449.99

For more info, visit pages.email.tivo.com/thanksgiving-2019 . Hurry now! Offer while supplies last.


All above-quoted prices are plus any applicable taxes.

1 Unless you call TiVo Customer Service (at 877-367-8486) to cancel your TiVo service prior to the fulfillment of your one (1) year of included service, then at the end of that one (1)-year period, you automatically will roll over into a new successive annual service plan, and your credit or debit card on file with TiVo automatically will be charged the then-published annual rate (currently $149.99, plus any applicable taxes) for TiVo service on your TiVo box during the ensuing 1-year period. Unless you call TiVo Customer Service (at 877-367-8486) to either cancel your TiVo service, or arrange for a different, then-available TiVo service plan, prior to the fulfillment of any prepaid 1-year period, then your TiVo service on your TiVo box automatically will continue to renew for another successive 1-year period; and unless we notify you otherwise, your TiVo service subscription on the TiVo box will renew at the same annual rate. All prepaid annual service fees are non-refundable.

2 Savings off of aggregate cost of regular box price and initial annual service plan fee, as recently published on tivo.com

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