Fun Facts About Talk Show Fans: Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno

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A new dawn is rising in the wee hours of late-night television. With old hosts retiring, current hosts jumping ship, and new hosts coming into their own, the late night TV landscape is indeed shifting. Understandably, it can be quite the challenge to navigate through which show is which and who hosts what show. You might be better off slapping together a show name that involves any number of the words late, night and show. Throw in a Jimmy to host, and you’ll be good to go.

Luckily, the TiVo® late-night viewership analysis is your trusty first mate for guiding you through these tricky late night waters. We gathered data from over 150,000 late-night viewers who watched the golden oldies such as Letterman, Stewart and Leno. We then kept tabs on these viewers’ viewing habits as the landscape shifted toward the young late-night guns such as Meyers, Corden and Noah.

What resulted was a hodge-podge crew of fanatics, loyalists and bandwagon jumpers. Check out what we found below!

  1. Jay Leno Loyalists – 37 percent – Those whose only favorite host is Jay Leno and whose viewership ceased after he left the Tonight Show.
  2. Band-Wagon Viewers – 26 percent – Those who switched to the shows with the greatest increase in viewership after their favorite hosts left.
  3. Stephen Colbert Loyalists – 19 percent – Those whose favorite hosts are Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, and who stopped watching the Daily Show after Jon Stewart left.
  4. Jimmy Fallon Loyalists – 18 percent – Those whose favorite hosts are Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, but who also started watching Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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TiVo’s two analyses measured the viewership of late-night talk show viewers and fans from anonymized TV viewing data collected from 156,732 TiVo devices from February 2013 until October 2015.

For the late-night Fans Versus Fans analysis, after TiVo’s data science team determined which TiVo devices were fans of which late-night shows, TiVo then continued to follow the fans’ viewership after the hosts of their favorite late-night shows either retired or moved to another network. To measure the fans’ transitioning viewership, TiVo calculated the total number of TiVo devices considered as fans of a late-night show, and compared the number of fans for each particular late-night show before and after the host changed. Using this information, TiVo found which fans of a certain late-night show were also fans of another late-night show (e.g., the percentage of Colbert Report fans who also were Daily Show with Jon Stewart fans).

For the late-night Viewer Types analysis, the TiVo team examined viewership of each late-night show for the latest year (or in the case of the newer shows, that portion of the past 12 months) in which it aired. Since viewers can be fans of multiple late-night shows, TiVo performed a multivariate analysis to take into consideration the correlation between viewership among the late night shows. Specifically, TiVo used a combination of K-means clustering and discriminant classification modeling to identify common patterns of viewership.

Additional details about this analysis and other TiVo research are available from TiVo Research at

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