Can a MoCA adapter improve your streaming experience?

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These days, there are so many options for streaming video from one device to another, including Chromecast™ devices, Roku® streaming players, Apple TV®, and of course, TiVo® products. However, you may come across some obstacles, especially with Wi-Fi, when attempting to stream video to one or more devices in your home. The number of people using your home network, your data plan, and your connection type can make a huge difference in your experience.

Some streaming devices that require Wi-Fi have issues handling the task of streaming video, especially to multiple sources, if the devices have the capability to do so. In addition to using bandwidth to stream video, people in the home usually use a good amount of Wi-Fi through their phone or other devices as well. You’ll notice that you’ll have to stream in lower quality across Wi-Fi, and you’re even likely to risk the dreaded experience of buffering due to lack of data. If you want to stream at the highest quality possible, you’ll need a consistent, high-speed connection.

Wired Ethernet is another option for devices that can make use of it, since an Ethernet connection can handle streaming more data. Unfortunately, some households don’t have a convenient Ethernet connection available for their streaming devices.

So how do we solve this? MoCA® technology (MoCA stands for “Multimedia over Coax”) delivers the same high-speed network connection you get through an Ethernet cable, but delivers the connection through your existing coaxial cable — the wire you use to receive cable TV to any room in your home. The TiVo BOLT® DVR is an example of a device that is MoCA-compatible. When you set up a MoCA adapter in your home, your TiVo Roamio DVR will receive cable TV and connect to your home network through your existing coax cable. A MoCA connection can provide up to 170 Mbit/s Net TCP throughput; unlike Wi-Fi, a MoCA connection doesn’t slow down your network, so you can enjoy streaming entertainment without stuttering or buffering!

At the CEDIA Expo in Dallas, we introduced the TiVo Bridge®, our first multi-room networking adapter, equipped with MoCA 2.0, the latest generation of MoCA technology. The TiVo Bridge provides the highest-quality multi-room video at 450mbit/sec; best of all, the TiVo BOLT, TiVo Roamio Pro®, and the TiVo Mini® have TiVo Bridge technology built right into the device. You can network all of your TiVo devices with existing cable, and because it’s plug-and-play ready, you don’t have to worry about Ethernet cables.

If you currently use a large amount of Wi-Fi data, either on your own using multiple devices or in a house full of people watching, tweeting, listening, or surfing, the TiVo Bridge MoCA might be an ideal setup for you.
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