TiVo® Bats at Least .500 Over the Past Three (Fall) Seasons

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Every day, DVR households help determine the fate of network television programs with the push of a button — or, in the sad case of many MVPD-supplied DVRs, multiple pushes of multiple buttons. Nevertheless, the outcome is the same: as a particular television program finds its way into a DVR household’s viewing queue, the likelihood that said series will enjoy a long and successful run is increased.

Here at TiVo, we have been tracking OnePass™ activity for the past few fall broadcast seasons and determined there is a direct positive correlation between the success of a new series and its OnePass ranking. The table below details the ranking of new fall broadcast series over the past three Octobers. As you can see, in the fall of 2014, seven of the top ten programs by OnePass™ ranking were renewed for a second season. In the fall of 2012 and in the fall of 2013, half of the top ten programs were renewed, and most will still be on the air this fall.

OnePass™ rankings for the fall 2015 season will begin to become available from TiVo Research by the beginning of September. To find out how your new series is trending, please reach out to TiVo Research. Or, if you want to determine how to best spend your advertising dollars by uncovering the hottest new series of the fall season, send an email to info@tivoresearch.com.


TiVo Bats At Least .500 for the Past Three Fall Seasons

Fall 2014 – New Fall Broadcast SeriesTiVo Season Batting Average = .700
GOTHAMRenewed for a second season
SCORPIONRenewed for a second season
HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDERRenewed for a second season
MADAM SECRETARYRenewed for a second season
NCIS: NEW ORLEANSRenewed for a second season
THE MYSTERIES OF LAURARenewed for a second season
THE FLASHRenewed for a second season
Fall 2013 – New Fall Broadcast SeriesTiVo Season Batting Average = .500
THE BLACKLISTRenewed for a third season
SLEEPY HOLLOWRenewed for a third season
BROOKLYN NINE-NINERenewed for a third season
MOMRenewed for a third season
THE GOLDBERGSRenewed for a third season
Fall 2012 – New Fall Broadcast SeriesTiVo Season Batting Average = .500
REVOLUTIONRenewed for a second season
ELEMENTARYRenewed for a fourth season
NASHVILLERenewed for a fourth season
CHICAGO FIRERenewed for a fourth season
ARROWRenewed for a fourth season

Source: TiVo OnePass™ reports during October of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Anonymous viewing data of TiVo subscribers is based on a daily sample of 350,000 active TiVo DVRs. Ten above-listed shows for each year represent new fall shows appearing in largest percentage number of OnePass selections in such active TiVo DVR sample on the listed measurement dates.

® TiVo Inc. 2015. All Rights Reserved. TiVo and OnePass are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide.


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