TiVo Acquires Cubiware

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On Tuesday, May 26, we announced the acquisition of Cubiware. Cubiware is an innovative provider of cost-effective software solutions for emerging pay-TV operators across the world.

What do all the big words mean? Here’s the breakdown of the three main things this acquisition means for TiVo:

A bigger piece of the “billion” pie

Cubiware’s global reach should speed up our Pay-TV subscriber growth, to help us reach a more substantial slice of the rapidly growing global TV market: there are expected to be one billion pay-TV subscribers by the year 2020.

Comprehensive complements

Cubiware’s assets represent great opportunities for synergy with current TiVo and DigitalSmiths product lines. This means more solutions for more platforms, such as cloud or hybrid environments. These solutions include advanced search and recommendations, OTT applications, and user interface enhancements.

40, 25, 12, 4 and more

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Cubiware has 40 customer relationships across 25 countries in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The 40 customers represent approximately 12 million pay-TV subscribers.

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