Watch something other than visions of sugarplums this year!

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Christmas is coming quicker than you can shout “Santa! I know him!”; but, there’s still time to enjoy all your holiday favorites and discover some new ones with our four Christmas collections:

  • “Classic Christmas Chestnuts”: Relive your favorite holiday memories with your family or create new ones with a selection of the most famous Christmas movies and specials of all time.
  • “DIY Christmas”: Learn how to cook the perfect Christmas dinner or to decorate your home with fun Christmas crafts with our collection of Do-It-Yourself Christmas specials.
  • “The Naughty List”: For every Christmas angel, there’s also a Grinch. Our favorite Christmas creeps and curmudgeons can be found in this list of movies highlighting the darker side of the holiday.
  • “Christmas by Association”: Sometimes a Christmas movie isn’t really about Christmas at all. This collection highlights favorites such as “Die Hard”, “Trading Places” and “Batman Returns”, all of which are sure to fill you with Christmas cheer.

Find all your Christmas favorites, along with lots of other curated collections highlighting the best available content, in the “Browse TV & Movies” section of “Find TV, Movies & Videos” on your TiVo DVR.

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