On the Couch: Frozen fatigue, baseball withdrawals and Halloween horror-fests!

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Our kids love “Frozen”, but if I have to hear “Let it Go” one more time, I might just scream. Any tips on other movies they might go equally ga-ga for? – Sharon C., Tallahassee, FL 

It’s easy to see why parents might be looking for some sort of relief from Ana and Olaf. Luckily, with our newly launched “Box Sets” feature, you automatically can record other Disney classics without having to search for movies individually. From TiVo Central, just hit 5 on your remote control to jump straight to the “Browse TV & Movies” menu, where you’ll see our new “Box Sets” section. Want to record every Animated Disney movie ever made no matter when it’s on? Just click into the “Animated Disney Movie” box set and select the “Record this collection” feature. Now whenever one of those movies airs on any channel in your line-up, the movie automatically will be recorded. “Box Sets” is full of other options for the whole family as well, so make sure to set up recordings for all your favorites while you’re in that menu!

Baseball season is coming to an end and I know I’m going to miss it. What should I watch to get my baseball fix during the off-season? – Ruth S., Wyndmere, ND

With the World Series in full swing, it is almost time for baseball to take the long winter break. Here’s what to watch between hot stove updates from your favorite team:

  • “Ken Burns’ Baseball”: For those long winter afternoons, watch Ken Burns’ 18-1/2 hour epic documentary on the complete history of America’s pastime.
  • “Rookie of the Year” or “Angels in the Outfield”: When the kids come in from sledding, remind them of warmer times outside with these two family baseball classics.
  • “Major League” and its sequels: If you just miss that day-to-day grind of seeing your favorites stealing bases, spitting, and yelling at the umpires, check out the full “Major League” franchise, with excellent performances from Charlie Sheen (pre-freakout) and Scott Bakula (pre-“NCIS: New Orleans”)

Halloween movies or TV shows I should record? – Dan B., Austin, TX

There are a bunch of Halloween marathons happening between now and Halloween night, but these are our favorites:

  • AMC Fearfest: AMC has marathons of some of the classic horror franchises, including “Halloween”, “The Omen”, “Child’s Play” and even “Tremors”, happening between now and Halloween. Check your guide data and record your favorites!
  • “The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror”: If you didn’t get enough of “The Simpsons” during the show’s epic marathon, check out FXX this Sunday from noon – midnight for every Halloween episode ever!
  • ABC Family’s 12 Days of Halloween: Want something a little more family friendly? Check out ABC Family for its 13 days of Halloween programming, including the classic “Hocus Pocus”!

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