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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver recently covered the topic of student debt, which has become a huge burden for many in the United States. According to a January article in the Huffington Post, “The population [of U.S. citizens] with student loans is actually greater than the entire population of Canada, Poland, North Korea, Australia and more than 200 other countries.” (I want to start chanting “we’re number one,” but maybe this isn’t the time or the place.) Colleges are expensive, sure, but think of what you’re getting in return: state-of-the-art facilities, like-minded peers, and brilliant professors who are always looking for creative new ways to better prepare students for the workforce. And what’s the latest and greatest in teaching trends? Television.

Colleges all over the country are offering courses based on television shows. It sounds strange, I know, but who better to learn from than the best? Since we all know that only the best and brightest get their own TV shows (Kim Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo), it makes perfect sense that universities are utilizing this resource. For instance, I bet students who take “Management Lessons from The Apprentice” will make the best bosses (or at least the bosses with the best catch phrases). And I’ve never really understood what occupation philosophy majors are preparing for, but I’m sure taking the class “Philosophy and Star Trek” will be really helpful in their future endeavors as politicians, or lawyers, or fortune cookie writers (that’s a thing).

To earn your degree in television appreciation, head over to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find our “TV Series Studied in School” collection.

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