TV Shockers! A spoiler free look at some of our favorite shocking TV moments

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With all the craziness surrounding last week’s episode of “Game of Thrones”, it got us thinking about other TV shockers we loved. But the hardest thing about talking about shocking TV plot twists is never knowing who’s seen it and who’ll be spoiled. So we created our “TV Shockers!” collection making sure we didn’t give too much away.

Think of it as a collection of TV episodes that made us jump off the couch and yell at the screen. Moments like the death of [spoiler] on “House of Cards” make headlines around the internet in the hours after the Season 2 release. We loved watching [spoiler] finally get what was coming to him at the hands of [spoiler] on “Breaking Bad”. But was anything more shocking than when [spoiler] caught up with [spoiler] before they [spoiler] and then [spoiler] with the [spoiler] on “Lost”?

Check out the complete list of our favorite TV Shockers head to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find our “TV Shockers!” collection. There you’ll find links to every episode along with spoiler-free descriptions of our favorite shocking moments.

What’s your favorite shocking TV moment? Use the hashtag #TiVoShocker to join the conversation!

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