“What to Watch” Dashboard Now Includes Metacritic Ratings for Movies!

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If you’re an iOS user we’ve just added Metacritic to “What to Watch,” your personalized dashboard that combines recommendations and personal preferences to serve up what you will want to watch instantaneously.

Metacritic’s proprietary Metascore distills the opinions of the most respected critics writing online and in print to a single number, color coded by green, yellow and red, making it really easy for you to decide on what to watch.

We launched “What to Watch” last year with columns including Popular TV (based on what is popular in your region in that 30 minute time slot), Movies, Favorite Channels (which can be set by you on your TiVo), Kids, Sports (which also includes Thuuz, a sports game excitement rating to help you identify when a game is getting really good) and My Shows.

Once a show or movie is discovered users can drill into details including cast and crew members, schedule a recording or watch now on your TV or iOS device.


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  • Richard

    Thanks for continuing to leave out the Android community. Between that and my premiere still being slow, it really makes me more motivated to sell all of my TiVo equipment and leave the half hearted Romio off my list.

  • Terry Dalton

    Android Support, where’s it at?
    Heard rumors that it was coming soon, Was really hoping that it would be in the Fall 2014 update.
    Don’t know the exact % numbers of of Andriod versus Apple users, but I’m sure there are ALLOT of Andriod user that want it so why not take care of us customers. If it’s cost related to program it, I’d pay for the App, but would not like any additional monthly fees.
    Guess we Android user may need to get a petition going.

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