Bonnie & Clyde – Top Moments

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The glamour and lore that surrounds Bonnie and Clyde lives on in American households today as 9.8 million viewers tuned in to the A&E Network mini-series. The bank robbing duo were shown through three channels; History, A&E, and Lifetime. The special premiered Sunday night and concluded on Monday in two separate two-hour episodes. Any and all TV critics will find something to appease their expectations, whether they’re in it to be swept up in the romance story or staying glued to the set to see the high-anxiety robberies.

Here are TiVo’s Top Five most watched moments:

  1. Part 1 9:02pm—As the car in which Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were shot to death in is towed through a small town, a boy pulls the sheet off Clyde’s dead and bloodied body.
  2. Part 1 9:11pm—Clyde gets his first glimpse of Bonnie as she dances at her wedding.
  3. Part 1 9:24pm—Clyde tries to buy some fancy shirts with stolen money but the sales clerk kicks him out of the store.
  4. Part 2 11:01pm—After the miniseries concludes, actual black and white police footage is shown of the bullet-ridden car containing the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde and the viewing of their bodies lying in state.
  5. Part 2 10:34pm—Bloodied and burned after a car accident, Clyde tends to Bonnie’s burned leg.
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