Anchorman 2: Marketing Marvel

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In May of 2012 the warm, rustic, and soothing voice of Ron Burgundy announced the sequel to the comedy Anchorman. He did so the only way a man of his age and build should — by dancing down the steps of Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show with his trusty flute in hand. Since this unforgettable spectacle, it’s become hard to hide from the man in the red suit. He’s appeared in shows, radio, commercials, pictures, and about every media in between. A week after the sequel came to theaters, we look back on the buzz that created this winter blockbuster.

3. Tandem Bike Ride with Daft Punk – We all know Burgundy loves his Jazz. As he got ready for MTV’s European Music Awards, however, he made some new friends, dabbling with another genre in the process. In this video, he toured Amsterdam with the electronic music duo Daft Punk, loud noises and all.

2. Ron Burgundy reads famous sports calls – When Ron Burgundy reads the news the whole nation listens, and when he talks sports… Well, it’s like stepping into a well-dressed time machine. Bill Buckner’s infamous blunder is just one of the infamous sports calls that he recites ‘verbatim’ on the Dan Patrick Show.

1. The Dodge commercials – These commercials weren’t just effortlessly hilarious in a style that only the man with the notorious mustache could pull off; they were extremely successful and Dodge reported a 40% increase in sales!

From news reporter to car salesman… Honestly. What can’t this man do?


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