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Living-doll Natalie Portman plays an astrophysicist in the newly released movie Thor: The Dark World. In a movie about a Norse God battling an evil that predates the universe, where a woman is teleported to another world then infected with a supreme energy force, is the most unbelievable part that Natalie Portman is an astrophysicist? While examining this very important question, I started to think about other actors and actresses who have portrayed scientists on the big screen and how believable each of these performances was.

Denise Richards plays nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough. Although I really like Richards, nothing about her screams nuclear physicist. In fact, nothing about her even whispers nuclear physicist. And then there’s Mark Wahlberg, who plays a science teacher in The Happening. Wahlberg would make a really convincing PE teacher or shop teacher (if they still have those), but science teacher…not so much. That’s okay though, most actors aren’t able to play every type of role. Plus he’s already had a successful modeling career and music career, and he’s currently one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. And no one can have it all, or can they? This brings us back to angel-on-earth Natalie Portman. It turns out Portman has a degree in Psychology from Harvard, and she’s co-authored two research papers that were published in scientific journals. So it turns out you can have it all, or more appropriately put, Natalie Portman can have it all. So congratulations Natalie Portman! You won in the game of life.

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