Out of Home Streaming Begins Roll-Out to TiVo Stream Users

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We recently gave you the game changing news that TiVo Roamio allows you to stream content, both live and recorded, from your DVR to your mobile device, absolutely anywhere in the world. This feature was available to any TiVo Roamio Pro or TiVo Roamio Plus owner, and required no action on their part. They woke up on October 24, 2013 to a treat St. Halloween himself would have been jealous of. Now any and all TiVo Premiere Series or TiVo Roamio series DVR users can join in on the fun!

TiVo Stream is the little magical box that hit the shelves in September of 2012. It’s TiVo’s original streaming device, that allows you to stream to multiple iOS devices simultaneously, or transfer content to your device and take it with you on-the-go. And now? Well now we’ll be updating the software to allow for Out-of-Home Streaming on your TiVo Stream as well! Today, some lucky TiVo Stream users will be receiving the update, and the roll out will continue to all TiVo Stream users over the next few weeks (this is part of a standard process where we roll out to a few units first to get some feedback). The TiVo Stream is compatible with:

  • TiVo Premiere
  • TiVo Premiere XL
  • TiVo Premiere 4
  • TiVo Premiere XL4
  • TiVo Roamio

If you have any of these units, make the one-time payment for a TiVo Stream ($129.99), so you too can roam free, baby.

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Showing 11 comments
  • JB

    Still no support for Android? Really Tivo??? Get with the times!

  • Luke Minton

    We are working to bring streaming to Android currently! Thanks for the feedback.

  • WB

    I will buy one the day the Android App is available.

  • Ian

    Is this a DVR update or a firmware update to the stream?
    In other words, will the nightly TiVo call add the functionality or will I have to update the firmware on the stream via the iOS app and the streaming setup wizard?

  • warrender mcwilliams

    Nil Nevarietur All rights reserved exclusively unreleased..

  • James Lee

    How do I know if I have the update? What can I do to initiate the update to my Tivo Stream?

  • IZ

    I am also working on losing weight. Just as successful as you are releasing the Android app.

  • Ted

    How do we know the stream was updated?

  • Chris Weaver

    I just want to stream to a non sub set top box, could be chromecast, Xbox, roku, wdtv, any or all of the above.
    How about my lifetime sub S2?

  • Tim Davis

    I’ve been waiting patiently to stream live to my iPhone/iPad from outside the house with my Stream. Still not seeing that update. Do I need to take action on my side or just wait?

  • Editor

    The Streams have been updated. For more information please call (877) 367-8486. Thanks Tim!

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