Are You Ready for Some Serious Blockbuster Sequels?

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Everyone is abuzz over the release of Thor: The Dark World, and the upcoming releases of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Go to theaters now to see if Thor manages to restore order across the cosmos in Thor: The Dark World. In Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, will Ron Burgundy and his team reclaim their number one spot on the first ever 24-hour news network? Their perfect hairstyles will be hitting the big screen on December 20. Hunger Games: Catching Fire will show us how Katniss attempts to acclimate back to her life in District 12. Is a rebellion on the horizon? We will all be anxiously waiting for the November 22 release date to see the outcome!


In honor of these upcoming box office hits, we wanted to reflect back on some of our favorite sequels in movie history.


Toy Story

Toy Story was undeniably one of the most enjoyable family movies of all time, garnering renowned praise from children and adults alike. When the sequel Toy Story 2 hits theaters, Pixar Animation Studios was in its prime and viewers grew more in love with the cute, relatable toys. The ultimate compliment for a sequel, many have claimed that Toy Story 2 is an even better film than its predecessor! Since then a third film, countless video games, theme park attractions, television specials and short films have come from the franchise.



While the original Terminator only grossed a little over $38 million, the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day reportedly increased over 400%, grossing over $204 million – and giving even more truth to the phrase, “I’ll be back.” Since then, the franchise has seen exceptional growth and success, with 3 other films in the series, several video games and a television spin-off. Most recently, there are rumors that Arnold will be back for a Terminator reboot in 2015!



Batman has been a part of people’s lives for years. With comic books, a television series and numerous films, this is an empire that has been entertaining both children and adults for generations. While we could argue the best Batman film for hours, the success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series sequel, The Dark Knight is unprecedented. Grossing more than $1 billion worldwide, The Dark Knight finishes second only to Titanic in domestic box-office sales—we’d say that’s a success!


What’s your favorite movie sequel of all time?

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