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What’s your favorite scary movie? That’s what we recently asked our fans on Facebook and you provided us with a list of some of the creepiest cinema of all time. We’ve posted your favorites in the “TiVo Fans’ Halloween Picks” collection highlighting your favorite scares. From Jack Nicholson hunting through the Overlook Hotel for Danny in “The Shining” to the empty streets of London after the Rage Virus wipes out the population in “28 Days Later”, it’s a collection of your favorite scary movies available all month long.

Want a few less tricks and a lot more treats? Check out the rest of our Halloween collections including:

  • “Monsters etc.”: For the more experienced horror fans, this collection is who’s who (or what’s what) of our favorite movie monsters. Highlights include our “Creepy Kids” section with Macaulay Culkin’s performance as “The Good Son” who’s neither of those things and a bright spark Drew Berrymore as “Firestarter”. Whether you love mummies, vampires, aliens or just creepy crawly bugs, we’ve cataloged all our favorite movie monsters for you to enjoy while you wait for Trick or Treaters.
  • “Schlocktober”: Finally, what is Halloween without at least one incredibly cheesy monster movie? In this collection, you’ll find the best of the bottom of the Horror barrel including classic stinkers like “Plan 9 from Outerspace” and “Sleepaway Camp” as well as newer movies that will make you laugh as much as scream like “The Gingerdead Man” and “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood”. Halloween has never looked fake…or been so much fun.
  • “Halloween How To”: Want the best decorated house on your block or the best carved pumpkin at this year’s party? Check out the helpful hints for a happy Halloween in this How To collection.

With four collections to choose from, we’ve got all your Halloween needs covered. To find these treats (as well as lots of other TiVo Collections) select “Find TV, Movies & Videos” in TiVo Central and select “Browse TV & Movies”. We’re adding new collections each week so check back often!


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