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Big Brother: A reality show, a game show, a soap opera… It has the best of so many worlds and it’s on three nights a week. This year we saw a couple of interesting twists that were new to the Big Brother game; America’s MVP and a jury member “Got to steppin’” back into the house. America’s MVP got a bit more interesting once America actually got to pick the third nominee to be put up on the block and the jury member who moved back is still in the Big Brother house. As we prepare for tonight’s season finale, let’s look back at the top three twists in Big Brother history.


#3 Twin Twist
Natalie and Adriana were identical twins aside from a scar the size of a mole. During Big Brother 5 the two were allowed to switch spots multiple times from inside to outside of the house. The goal was to make it five weeks without getting caught. The reward? Both sisters would be allowed to enter the Big Brother house after the fifth week. The two women got 15 minutes to switch clothes, tell the other what relationships they had formed, who to look out for, and who to trust. They were both evicted shortly after.

#2 Father and Daughter
Dick and Danielle Donato had not talked to each other in over two years. They were paired up under the same roof for 24 hours a day, 90 days straight, and America had the privilege of seeing a father reconnect with his daughter on television. As a result, Dick Donato won $500,000, and the runner up? None other than his daughter, Danielle, who pocketed $50,000. The two got off to a rocky start, but as the show progressed, so did their relationship.

#1 Ex’s Enter
In Big Brother Season 4, the contestants watched in horror as their ex’s joined the pool of participants swimming toward the $500,000 grand prize. Five of the original eight contestants’ ex’s were brought into the game. The contestants had no idea that their ex-significant other would be on the show, making for some very awkward encounters – and great television for the rest of America. Living in close quarters with an ex for three months is a scenario we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy.

What would the show about creating conflict in tight spaces, be without a few twists along the way? If we missed your favorite twist, leave us a comment about it! And don’t forget to tune in tonight for the finale of Season 15.

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