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We’re not ashamed to admit that we watch a lot of television. It sort of comes with the territory of working at TiVo. Our conference rooms are named after TV shows, our business cards have our favorite TV shows listed on the back and we may be some of the only people who’ve watched full seasons of things like NBC’s short-lived “Friends” spin-off “Joey“. But sometimes…sometimes it’s a bit harder to admit who we’re spending our TV time with. Those folders we wish we could hide in our “My Shows” list when someone’s checking out your TiVo, those marathons we watch by ourselves on lazy Sunday afternoons, those are our guilty pleasures and this summer there’s no shortage of  shows to pretend you don’t like while secretly obsessing over.

Here are three of our favorite Guilty Pleasures from our new “Guilty Pleasure Summer” collection:

  • Franklin and Bash (TNT June 19th): Yes, it’s a show about lawyers…but they’re fun lawyers! While the premise might be a tad formulaic, there’s just something about watching the stoner from “Clueless” and Zac Morris put on suits and play lawyer that’s just pure entertainment. Add in a sprinkle of the always entertaining Malcolm McDowell and this year’s addition of Heather Locklear and you have the perfect recipe for one of the most entertaining hours on TV. If only we could tell you which one is Franklin and which one is Bash without having to look it up. 
  • The Client List (Lifetime Sundays, 10pm): If you’re looking for a drama that’s slightly more serious…well, you’re in the wrong place. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s turn as Riley Parks, suburban mom turned naughty masseuse in the Lifetime original series “The Client List“, is based on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s portrayal of Samantha Horton, a suburban mom turned naughty masseuse in the Lifetime original movie “The Client List“.  Confused yet? Don’t be. Basically, the movie was so much fun they decided to make it into a soapy nighttime series that explores difficult questions like “Would anyone notice if Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed up as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader for her job at a massage parlor?”.
  • Big Brother (CBS June 24th): The ultimate guilty pleasure summer show returns a little early this year. Expect a summer of wacky backyard games, constantly shifting allegiances and alliances and of course, a whole lot of drama with a capital D. The only thing better than hearing Jeff Probst yell about someone winning immunity on “Survivor” is hearing Julie Chen say “Hello, house-guests!”  and then explaining how they’ll all need to hang on to the side of a fake pirate ship in order to win the golden power of veto. No matter what else is on, “Big Brother” is truly the HOH of our summer viewing.

That’s just a sample of our guilty pleasures from this summer’s lineup. To see the complete list that we’ll be updating all summer long, head to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find the “Guilty Pleasure Summer” collection.

What are your guilty pleasure summer shows? Join the conversation by using the hashtag #TiVoGuiltyPleasures to give us your favorites or chide us for our shameful selections.

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