Infographic: One in Five Moms Say They Want TV Time for Mother’s Day

 In TiVo Audience Research

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we have released our first-ever TiVo Mother’s Day TV survey celebrating the best TV moms and the shows that help families come together.





Almost one-third (28 percent) of moms surveyed say they can’t live without their TiVo® DVR, so it’s no wonder than one in five (21 percent) say a night off to catch up on their favorite TV is the gift they most want for Mother’s Day. What reality programming are moms most likely to be catching up on? Cooking shows like Top Chef (41 percent) and adventure reality shows like Survivor (30 percent) lead the way in popularity.

We not only surveyed what mom wants most this Mother’s Day, but also examined favorite TV shows among moms and families. Families most like to watch comedies together such as The Big Bang Theory (35 percent) and Modern Family (28 percent). The Pritchett’s from Modern Family were the top pick for favorite current TV family (35 percent), while the same percentage chose The Cosby Show’s The Huxtables as the top classic TV family. Today’s funniest TV mom is Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy (41 percent), followed by How I Met Your Mother’s Lily Aldrin-Erikson (25 percent). The most-missed funny TV mom is I Love Lucy’s Lucy Ricardo (37 percent).

TiVo’s inaugural Mother’s Day TV survey also found:

TiVo keeps kids (and moms) happy

  • Thirty-one percent of respondents rely on movie or TV viewing apps like TiVo to keep kids entertained in the car
  • The current top time-shifted shows kids watch are The Legend of Korra, Star Wars: Clone Wars, House of Anubis, Thudercats and Sofia the First
  • When kids watch one hour of  TiVo, moms are most likely to catch up on reading (41 percent), doing housework (28 percent) and shopping online (17 percent)
  • Of gadgets in the home, 50 percent of families battle the most over the TiVo remote, but 93 percent of parents control the remote the during family TV time

“Hot” TV moms and dads

  • Modern Family’s Gloria Delgado (30 percent) ranks as the hottest TV mom of all time, followed by Friends’ Rachel Green (27 percent)
  • Hottest TV dads include Mad Men’s Don Draper (30 percent), Full House’s Jesse Katsopolis (16 percent) and Dexter’s Dexter Morgan (14 percent)

TV family dynamics

  • Respondents said the best TV mom of all time is Happy Days’ Marion Cunningham (19 percent), followed by The Simpsons’ Marge Simpson and The Cosby Show’s Claire Huxtable (17 percent)
  • The Brady Bunch’s Jan Brady (30 percent) and Modern Family’s Manny Delgado (28 percent) are the top TV children respondents would most want to have as their own
  • Leave it to Beaver’s Eddie Haskell (47 percent), Saved by the Bell’s Zach Morris (17 percent) and Full House’s Kimmy Gibbler (16 percent) are the kids parents would most not want their kids to hang out with
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