Big Game Commercials According to YOU

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We asked and you tweeted! Here’s a breakdown of some of the winners and losers according to your #BestCommercialEver submissions so far.





The most tweeted about commercials were the ones that had you laughing…

Doritos “Goat For Sale” – Fans got the chance to vote for this year’s Doritos ads, so it’s no surprise that this one was a hit! The actor that stole the show was the goat of course.

Taco Bell “Viva Young” – We learned that whether you’re young or young-at-heart, Taco Bell equals a good time, especially when a Spanish version of the youthful anthem “We Are Young” is playing in the background.

And then crying…

Dodge Ram “Farmer”– Many of you used words like proud and American to describe Dodge Ram’s spot featuring Paul Harvey’s tribute to farmers. Between the two-minute narration and stunning montage of images, this ad won you over!

Budweiser “Brotherhood”-You had us at baby Clydesdale! Budweiser features the newest member of their iconic draft horses being tended to before skipping to three years in the future when man and horse reunite. Are you tearing up yet? 



Go Daddy “Perfect Match” – This is the commercial you thought deserves the title of #WorstCommercialEver. While the company’s ads are known for their shock factor, many of you weren’t feeling the hyped up kiss between supermodel Bar Refaeli and a computer nerd. 





The stars made appearances in many commercials. Psy got things crackin’ Gangnam Style for Wonderful Pistachios, Kaley Cuoco granted wishes as a genie for Toyota and Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd made a hilarious comedic duo for Samsung. However, you determined that Amy Poehler’s technologically challenged questions in the Best Buy ad stole the show.



Want to win our Big Game Giveaway grand prize? You have until Friday at midnight to share your pick for #BestCommercialEver!


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